Meet The Team

 Drew Barker


Drew Barker's path in tech and maybe even in life, is somewhat untraditional. Drew grew up struggling in school, for him good grades were not obtainable from an early age. Eventually after years of hard work he caught up with his peers. This impacts his highly effective work ethic today. Drew loves art, and as early as 5th grade was trying to sell it. Setting the stage for a love of entrepreneurship and business. His passion for art led him to photography where a lot of his website inspiration comes from. When Drew needed to sell his photography, he found his next newest love in life website design.

Carly Zimbone


Carly Zimbone strives to keep a positive mindset, and consistently inspires the team here at Crafting Hand to do there absolute best. Carly keeps us productive by empowering us to stay positive and passionate in what we love and do. She leads the sales team here at Crafting Hand and chooses to surround herself with ambitious people, to constantly  push herself and our company. Carly thrives off of meeting amazing people and learning their story with the purpose of bringing value to their lives. P.S. Carly evolves her passions to her blog - be empowered, be aware and feel alive.


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