About Crafting Hand


Crafting Hand is a digital marketing agency based out of Tampa FL. We work almost exclusively with only early-stage, funded, tech startups. Crafting Hand offers marketing services such as Website Design, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Content Creation, and Paid Advertising.

The Team

We are techies and creatives at our core. Which makes us an excellent match for tech startups. Rest assured that your technical ideas will be understood by our team, allowing our creativity to make your marketing efforts stand out and shine.

CEO & Founder Drew Barker

Andrew Barker


Andrew is a tech guru! Ever since he purchased his very own computer, he was captivated by the potential to grow a business online. A few years later, he founded Crafting Hand a digital advertising agency, dedicated to helping startups grow to profitability.

Carly Zimbone

Carly Zimbone

Partner and Business Developer

Carly is passionate about helping to expose brands to their highest potential online! Ever since Carly was 12 years old, she was on a mission to leave a positive impact on Earth. Carly continues to accomplish this passion by working closely with startups throughout the entire process of building their online presence. Carly absolutely loves learning about the company’s greatest goals and desires so that she can grow them from Point A to Point B. Through her own work, Carly shares her own recipes and empowerment online @TheEmpowerist.